2013 spring

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Alumnus Update: Allen Hatheway

Allen Hatheway

Allen Hatheway (Ph.D., 1971) was the fortunate Kuiper/Strom candidate (1967-1969) selected to work out the terrestrial analogs for the lunar collapse depressions of the mare. His dissertation (Lava Tubes & Collapse Depressions, 335p., University Microfilms no. 71-26,297) was the result (along with two papers in LPL Communications).

Allen then went into regular geotechnical engineering consulting firms (California and Massachusetts) and was an adjunct instructor at USC and Boston University before joining the University of Missouri as a tenured full professor of Geological Engineering (1981-2000). His second "tome" (2012) is Remediation of Former Manufactured Gas Plants & Other Coal-Tar Sites (1400p). He lives in Rolla, Missouri, and remains forever thankful for his LPL association, with the best of good science.

Allen Hatheway