PTYS/LPL Postdocs

Andrea Banzatti

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Protoplanetary Disks, High-resolution spectroscopy
Ph.D. Protoplanetary Disks & Planet formation, 2013, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Kuiper 533

Advisor(s): Ilaria Pascucci

Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Andrea Banzatti

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2016 through July 2018

Pontoppidan, K. M., Bergin, E. A., Melnick, G., Bradford, M., Staghun, J. G., Leisawitz, D. T., Meixner, M., Fortney, J. J., Salyk, C., Blake, G. A., Zhang, K., Banzatti, A., Kataria, T., Meshkat, T., de Val-Borro, M., Stevenson, K., Fraine, J. The need for a far-infrared cold space telescope to understand the chemistry of planet formation 2018arXiv180400743P

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Banzatti, A., Garufi, A., Kama, M., Benisty, M., Brittain, S., Pontoppidan, K. M., Rayner, J. Observing the linked depletion of dust and CO gas at 0.1–10 au in disks of intermediate-mass stars 2018A&A...609L...2B

Banzatti, A., Pascucci, I., Edwards, S. The evolution of inner disk winds from a large survey of high-resolution [OI] spectra 2018AAS...23122901B

Banzatti, A., Pontoppidan, K. M., Salyk, C., van Dishoeck, E. F., Herczeg, G. J., Blake, G. A., Garufi, A., Kama, M., Pascucci, I., Edwards, S. Revealing the Physical and Thermo-Chemical Evolution of Planet-Forming Disk Regions 2017LPICo2043.2016B

Banzatti, A., Pontoppidan, K. M., Salyk, C., van Dishoeck, E. F., Herczeg, G. J., Blake, G. A., Garufi, A., Kama, M., Pascucci, I., Edwards, S. Revealing the physical and thermo-chemical evolution of planet-forming disk regions 2017abnw.conf.2016B

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Banzatti, A. Measuring residual H2 gas from small to large gaps in protoplanetary disks: different pathways to planets? 2016hst..prop14703B

Wilson, T. L., Nilsson, R., Chen, C. H., Lisse, C. M., Moerchen, M., Käufl, H.-U., Banzatti, A. Constraints on the Presence of SiO Gas in the Debris Disk of HD172555 2016ApJ...826..165W

Blevins, S. M., Pontoppidan, K. M., Banzatti, A., Zhang, K., Najita, J. R., Carr, J. S., Salyk, C., Blake, G. A. Measurements of Water Surface Snow Lines in Classical Protoplanetary Disks 2016ApJ...818...22B

Banzatti, A., Pontoppidan, K. The T-R diagram: a new empirical tool to reveal disk gaps and investigate exoplanet compositions 2016AAS...22743406B

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