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Kuiper 519B


Fayu Jiang

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Planetary Atmospheres, Stellar Occultation

Advisor(s): Roger Yelle

Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Fayu Jiang

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 through June 2020

Nakagawa, H., Jain, S. K., Schneider, N. M., Montmessin, F., Yelle, R. V., Jiang, F., Verdier, L., Kuroda, T., Yoshida, N., Fujiwara, H., Imamura, T., Terada, N., Terada, K., Seki, K., Gröller, H., Deighan, J. I. A Warm Layer in the Nightside Mesosphere of Mars 2020GeoRL..4785646N

Jiang, F. Y., Yelle, R. V., Jain, S. K., Cui, J., Montmessin, F., Schneider, N. M., Deighan, J., Gröller, H., Verdier, L. Detection of Mesospheric CO2 Ice Clouds on Mars in Southern Summer 2019GeoRL..46.7962J

Wu, X.-S., Cui, J., Xu, S. S., Lillis, R. J., Yelle, R. V., Edberg, N. J. T., Vigren, E., Rong, Z.-J., Fan, K., Guo, J.-P., Cao, Y.-T., Jiang, F.-Y., Wei, Y., Mitchell, D. L. The Morphology of the Topside Martian Ionosphere: Implications on Bulk Ion Flow 2019JGRE..124..734W

Niu, D.-D., Cui, J., Gu, H., Dong, C.-Y., Zhou, L.-Y., Wellbrock, A., Jiang, F.-Y., Xu, X.-J. A Test Particle Monte Carlo Investigation of the CH4 Torus around Saturn 2019AJ....157...15N

Cui, J., Wu, X.-S., Gu, H., Jiang, F.-Y., Wei, Y. Photochemical escape of atomic C and N on Mars: clues from a multi-instrument MAVEN dataset 2019A&A...621A..23C

Cui, J., Yelle, R. V., Zhao, L.-L., Stone, S., Jiang, F.-Y., Cao, Y.-T., Yao, M.-J., Koskinen, T. T., Wei, Y. The Impact of Crustal Magnetic Fields on the Thermal Structure of the Martian Upper Atmosphere 2018ApJ...853L..33C

Jiang, F., Cui, J., Xu, J. The Structure of Titan's N2 and CH4 Coronae 2017AJ....154..271J

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