PTYS/LPL Postdocs

Kuiper 509N


Stephen Schwartz

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ph.D. The University of Maryland
Ph.D. Physique, l'Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis
B.A. Astronomy / Philosophy, Columbia University

Orbital Dynamics, Planetary Astronomy, Planetary Surfaces, Small Bodies, Space Situational Awareness

Advisor(s): Erik Asphaug

  1. Schwartz, S.R., Michel, P., Jutzi, M., Marchi, S., Zhang, Y., Richardson, D.C. 2018. Catastrophic disruptions as the origin of bilobate comets. Nature Astronomy 2, 379–382.

  2. Hirabayashi, M., Schwartz, S.R., and 11 additional coauthors, 2017. Constraints on the perturbed mutual motion in Didymos due to impact-induced deformation of its primary after the DART impact. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 472, 1641–1648.

  3. Michel, P., and 26 coauthors including Schwartz, S.R. 2017. AIM-D2: Asteroid Impact Mission Deflection Demonstration to the binary asteroid Didymos. ASR, in press.

  4. Asphaug, E., Thangevelautham, J., Klesh, A., Chandra, A., Nallapu, R., Raura, L., Herreras-Martinez, M., Schwartz, S.R. 2017. A Cubesat Centrifuge for Long Duration Milligravity Research. npj Microgravity, 3, 16.

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