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Michael Sori

Associate Staff Scientist

Ices, Geophysics, Gravity, Topography, Volcanism, Impact craters

I am a planetary scientist with research focus on geophysics, planetary ices, and volcanism.  I use remote sensing data from spacecraft missions and employ a mathematical approach to studying (1) planetary geophysics, (2) the origin and evolution of ices (water and otherwise) across the surfaces of solid bodies in our solar system, (3) how ices inform us about other aspects of planetary histories, such as climate or orbital history, and (4) volcanism and the role of lava in shaping planetary surfaces. Completed projects have focused on the Moon, Mars, Ceres, and Uranian satellites using data from the NASA missions LRO, GRAIL, MRO, Dawn, and Voyager 2. 

Ph.D., 2014, M.I.T.

Years with LPL: 3

Current Grants

  • Ice Deposits in Polar Craters on Mars, NASA Mars Data Analysis Program, Principal Investigator, 2017-2020.

Selected Publications with M.M. Sori as major contributor:

[10] Sori, M.M., J.N. Bapst, A.M. Bramson, S. Byrne, and M.E. Landis (2017), A Wunda-full world? Carbon dioxide ice deposits on Umbriel and other Uranian Moons, Icarus 290, 1–13.

[9] Sori, M.M., S. Byrne, M.T. Bland, A.M. Bramson, A.I. Ermakov, C.W. Hamilton, K.A. Otto, O. Ruesch, and C.T. Russell (2017), The vanishing cryovolcanoes of Ceres, Geophys. Res. Lett. 44, 1243–1250.

[8] Becerra, P., M.M. Sori, and S. Byrne (2017),Signals of astronomical forcing in the exposure topography of Mars’ north polar layered deposits, Geophysical Research Letters. 44, 62–70.

[7] Smith, D.E., M.T. Zuber, G.A. Neumann, E. Mazarico, F.G. Lemoine, J.W. Head, P.G. Lucey, O. Aharonson, M.S. Robinson, X. Sun, M.H. Torrence, M.K. Barker, J. Oberst, T.C. Duxbury, D. Mao, O.S. Barnouin, K. Jha, D.D. Rowlands, S. Goossens, D. Baker, S. Bauer, P. Gläser, M. Lemelin, M. Rosenburg, M.M. Sori, J. Whitten, and T. Mcclanahan (2017), Summary of the results from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter after seven years in lunar orbit, Icarus 283, 70–91.

[6] Becerra, P., S. Byrne, M.M. Sori, S. Sutton, and K.E. Herkenhoff (2016), Stratigraphy of the north polar layered deposits of Mars using high-resolution topography, J. Geophys Res.: Planets 121, 1445–1471.

[5] Sori, M.M., M.T. Zuber, J.W. Head, and W.S. Kiefer (2016), Gravitational search for cryptovolcanism on the Moon: Evidence for large volumes of early igneous activity, Icarus 273, 284–295.

[4] Sori, M.M., S. Byrne, C.W. Hamilton, and M.E. Landis (2016), Viscous flow rates of icy topography on the North Polar Layered Deposits of Mars,Geophys. Res. Lett. 43, 541–549.

[3] Neumann, G.A., M.T. Zuber, D.E. Smith, M.A. Wieczorek, J.W. Head, D.M.H. Baker, S.C. Solomon, D.E. Smith, F.G. Lemoine, E. Mazarico, T.J. Sabaka, S. Goossens, H.J. Melosh, R.J. Phillips, S.W. Asmar, A.S. Konopliv, J.G. Williams, M.M. Sori, J.M. Soderblom, K. Miljkovic, J.C. Andrews-Hanna, F. Nimmo, and W.S. Kiefer (2015), Lunar Impact Basins Revealed by Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory Measurements, Science Advances 1.

[2] Soderblom J.M., A.J. Evans, B.C. Johnson, H.J. Melosh, K. Miljkovic, R.J. Phillips, J.C. Andrews-Hanna, C.J. Bierson, J.W. Head, C. Milbury, G.A. Neumann, F. Nimmo, D.E. Smith, S.C. Solomon, M.M. Sori, M.A. Wieczorek, and M.T. Zuber (2015), The fractured Moon: Production and saturation of porosity in the lunar highlands from impact cratering, Geophys. Res. Lett. 42, 6939–6944.

[1] Sori, M.M., J.T. Perron, P. Huybers, and O. Aharonson (2014), A procedure for testing the significance of orbital tuning of the Martian polar layered deposits, Icarus 235, 136–146.

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