HiRISE: High Resolution Science Experiment (MRO)

HiRISE (MRO) Faculty

Shane Byrne

Assistant Department Head

Alfred McEwen

Regents' Professor

Other Researchers Working in HiRISE (MRO)

Ali Bramson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Veronica Bray

Associate Staff Scientist

Matthew Chojnacki

Associate Staff Scientist

Sarah Sutton

PTYS Graduate Student, Scientist, Photogrammetry & Image Processing

Support Staff Working in HiRISE (MRO)

Nicole Bardabelias

Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

Nicole Baugh

Engineer, Science Operations, HiRISE

Kristin Block

Principal Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

Ari Espinoza

Outreach Coordinator, HiRISE

Audrie Fennema

Engineer, Satellite Payload Operations, HiRISE

Kenny Fine

Senior Systems Administrator, PIRL/HiRISE

Terry Forrester

Principal Systems Analyst, PIRL/HiRISE

Rod Heyd

Project Manager, HiRISE

Robert King

Research Specialist, Principal, HiRISE

Richard Leis

Staff Technician, Senior, HiRISE

Guy McArthur

Data Applications Developer, HiRISE

Jason Perry

Staff Technician, HiRISE

Joe Plassmann

Computing Systems Manager, PIRL/HiRISE

Anjani Polit

Senior Systems Engineer, OSIRIS-REx

Sue Robison

Business Manager, Senior, HiRISE

Christian Schaller

Spacecraft Operations Software Engineer, HiRISE

Singleton Thibodeaux-Yost

Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

Anna Urso

Research Technician, HiRISE

HiRISE, the high resolution imaging science experiment onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, is the most powerful camera ever sent to another planet. The resolution of the camera allows us to see the Red Planet in amazing detail, and lets other missions, like the Mars Science Laboratory, find a safe place to land and carry out amazing science. The operations center, which includes not only observation planning, but the execution of commands sent to the spacecraft along with actual image processing, is located within LPL at the University of Arizona.