HiPAS: Available Compilers

HiPas currenlty has 3 different compiler suites installed. You are encouraged to try various compilers to see which produces the most efficient code for your application.

Following is a brief description of the installed compilers and their locations.

GNU Compiler Collection

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a free product of the Free Software Foundation.

GCC includes a C, C++ and Fortran77 compiler (64-bit). This is the default compiler installed on the system.

  • gcc (version 3.2.3-24), a C compiler.
  • g++ (version 3.2.3-24), a C++ compiler.
  • f77 (version 3.2.3-24), a Fortran 77 compiler.

PGI Cluster Developement Kit

Two version of PGI are installed version 5.1 and 5.2. You'll have to substitute $VERSION in the below paths to get the version you want.

  • 64-bit Version in /usr/local/pgi/linux86-64/$VERSION/bin
  • 32-bit Version in /usr/local/pgi/linux86/$VERSION/bin
  • pgcc, a C compiler.
  • pcCC, a C++ compiler.
  • pgf77, a Fortran 77 compiler.
  • pgf90, a Fortran 90 compiler.

Intel Development Studio

Intel provides the use of their development studio free of charge to non-commercial users. Hence, it is available on this cluster. However, Intel has not yet included a 64-bit version of the binaries so only 32-bit binaries can be built. A 64-bit package will be added as soon as it becomes available.

  • 32-bit C Compiler Suite is here /usr/local/intel/32/intel_cc_81/bin
  • 32-bit Fortran Suite is here /usr/local/intel/32/intel_fc_81/bin
  • icc, a C and C++ compiler.
  • ifort, a Fortran F77, F90, and F95

Selecting A Compiler

You may run any of the available compilers by specifying the full path to it on the command line, or in a script or makefile.

There are GNU compilers are already in the system search path and should run just be typing their name from any shell.

The PGI compilers are NOT in the default system search path. If you'd like to use these you'll have to edit your PATH.

You may configure your login scripts to add preferred compilers to your PATH environment variable by editing your shell configuration files. For example, bash users edit $HOME/.bash_profile.

You can also set a compiler after logging in via setting the enviroment varible CC to the full path of the compiler you wish to use