PTYS403/503: The Physics of the Solar System (Spring, 2019)
Date Lecture (pdf version) miscellaneous (further reading)
1/10 Introduction  
1/14 Preliminaries: Units and notation  
1/17 More preliminaries + Kepler's Laws Kepler's Laws
1/22 Two-body problem in orbital dynamics Two-body problem
1/24 Keplers laws derived using Newtons Laws Hohmann transfer orbits
1/29 Hohmann Transfer orbits, restricted 3-body problem, Lagrange Points  
1/31 Hill Sphere + Intro to Radiation Pressure Radiation Pressure
2/5 Radiation Pressure and Poynting Robertson Drag Poynting Robertson Effect
2/7 Yarkovsky Effect + Solar Wind Drag + Orbital Decay  
2/12 EM forces on charged dust grains + orbital resonances  
2/14 Formation of solar system: Jean's instability and Jean's radius  
2/26 Solar system formation (continued) Formation of the solar system
2/28 Angular Momentum loss of the Sun + Nature of Light + Equilibrium Temperature of Planets Magnetic Braking
3/12 Greenhouse effect + Internal Temperature of an ideal planet  
3/14 Tidal Forces  
3/19 Roche Limit + Hydrodynamics Intro. + Planetary Atmospherers Intro  
3/21 The Plane Parallel Atmosphere Hydrostatic Equilibrium
3/26 Spherical Atmosphere + Exosphere  
3/28 Atmospheric Escape: Jean's escape and the Formation of a wind -- the Parker Solar Wind solution  
4/2 Atmospheric Dynamics + Raindrops  
4/4 Sound waves + Shocks, part 1  
4/11 Shocks, Jump Conditions, and Blast Waves  
4/16 Blast Waves (cont.) + Magnetic Fields Introduction  
4/18 Origin of Magnetic Fields + Solar Dynamo  
4/23 Magnetohydrodynamics - standoff distance of magnetosphere, pressure balance across sunspot  
4/25 Magnetosphere, trapped radiation  
4/30 Charged Particle Motion in E and B fields + Space Radiation / Space Weather  
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