Margaret E. Landis

Credit: Maria Schuchardt


Graduate Student, Department of Planetary Sciences
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721


I'm currently a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and PhD candidate in the Department of Planetary Sciences/Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, working with Dr. Shane Byrne characterizing the impact crater population of the North Polar Layered Deposits, Mars. I've recently expanded the project to include the South Polar Layered Deposits. My research focus is on impact processes and frost transport, and I've recently started working on numerical simulations of ground ice stability and evolution on Ceres.

I have a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy from Northern Arizona University, with minors in biology and mathematics. I wrote my senior honors thesis on the impact population of south-central Arabia Terra and the implications for volatiles. I also did an REU at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics where my project was to compare WISE and Spitzer IR observations of disks to detect variability changes.

I am originally from Bellingham, Washington, and so monsoon season in Tucson is my favorite thing about living in the desert.




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