Cats of the Hill house

All of these animals except for Doogie were feral, dumped in the desert by previous owners (Tang, Dorian and Marm were probably even born in the wild) and came to our doorstep. I have been bitten by most of them at least once during their domestication! They now only go out screened in back porch and are very happy with that.

Caruso is likely the father of Tangles though we have no DNA evidence!

The current cast....

Tails of the cats....

Uncle Mel...
Mel was born in the wild under a mobile home and was given to us by my sister back in 1994. His sister was "Grama Bob".

Tangles...a.k.a. "Tang"
Tangles came to us and lived on our back porch for a year or so. Then one cold, rainy March day simply walked inside and never left. A smart move on his part.

Caruso....a.k.a. "Big-a-boy"
Caruso came to our house after biting me and going in for the 10 day rabies check. He is likely the father of Tang as they were inseparable in the wild.

Marmalade...the 20lb behemoth

When he was taken in he had a bad ear infection that was threatening his brain. He was a super-alpha-male that took 4 years to house train to not attack other cats. You be the judge....has Marmalade made the transition from a ferrile cat to a domesticated house cat?

Molly (a.k.a. "fat-girl")
Molly came to us as an abandoned kitten with a face full of cactus spines. This led to serious dental problems from infection but she is now cured and eats everything in sight.

Dorian (a.k.a. "Chunky" or "Chunk") was only hours from being dead when I took him into the vet. He had been in our yard for years but tangled with a dog or coyote and came to us for shelter. He got a lot more. He is FIV positive but fights with no one partly because his canines are broken.

He was taken in with an injured rear leg. I had to teach him how to walk on all fours and he developed a very distinctive stright legged walk. His name came from the fact that he was the 8th cat when he joined the family.


Molly and her best friend...
the largest and smallest became friends!

A typical evening...


Hill House cats that have gone before...

Doogie 1991-2011 (a.k.a. "the Doogster") the oldest cat we ever had

Khaki 1987-2005 (a.k.a."Khak" and "Psycho-cat") in her more calm Valium enhanced moments.

Felix..."the cat"...He was a polydactal with 8 toes on each foot, the extra three being arranged and functioned like an opposable thumb!