Comet 103P/ Hartley 2 in 2010
Comet Lulin in 2009
Comet 17P/Holmes in 2007
Hale-Bopp 1997
Hale-Bopp 1996
Hyakutake 1996
Comet Bradfield 1979 Y1

My Comets....
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P/2014 L3 (HILL) CBET 3902
C/2014 F1 (HILL) CBET 3780
P/2014 A2 (HILL) CBET 3780
C/2012 E1 (HILL) CBET 3046
C/2010 U2 (HILL) IAUC 9174 (image) (animation)
C/2010 G2 (HILL) IAUC 9134
C/2010 A3 (HILL) IAUC 9106
C/2010 A1 (HILL) IAUC 9104
232P/2009 W1 (HILL) IAUC 9095
C/2009 U3 (HILL) IAUC 9086 (image)
P/2009 Q1 (HILL) IAUC 9067 (image)
C/2009 O4 (HILL) IAUC 9059 (image)
C/2009 O3 (HILL) IAUC 9058
211P/2008 X1 (HILL) IAUC 9001
P/2008 T4 (HILL) IAUC 8994
P/2008 QP20 (LINEAR-HILL) IAUC 8979 (image)
C/2008 L3 (HILL) IAUC 8954
P/2008 L2 (HILL) IAUC 8953 (image)
C/2008 J6 (HILL) IAUC 8945 (image)
326P/2007 V2 (HILL) IAUC 8894
195P/2006 W4 (HILL) IAUC 8779
310P/2006 S6 (HILL) IAUC8755
C/2006 S5 (HILL) IAUC8755 (image)
P/2006 D1 (HILL) IAUC 8678 (image)
P/2005 XA54 (LONEOS-HILL) IAUC 8656 (movie) (image)

The comets below were two pieces of one comet originally discovered by LINEAR, hence the confusion.

IAUC 8440 (image1) (image2) P/2003 YM159 (LINEAR-HILL)=P/2004 V5

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Background image: P/2005 XA54 (LONEOS-HILL)