The telescopes of the Jim Loudon Observatory

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The 8" f/20 TEC Maksutov-Cassegrain.
A superb quality lunar & planetary instrument.

Observing Venus with the 8" f/20 TEC.

The Dynamax-6 in daylight.

The Dynamax-6 ready for a night's work.

The Questar on its pier ready to go to work.

The Questar at the solar eclipse of May 20, 2012.
It is mounted on a portable stand of my own manufacture.
Results of this eclipse can be seen HERE

The Questar being used at the Venus transit of June 06, 2012 on Mt. Bigelow.
Results of the observations can be seen HERE

Dolores' RV6 that I bought in 1965 and sold to her in 1972 when we met.
Here she's showing the lunar eclipse of Jan. 21, 2000, to our neighbor.