October 10, 1999 Occultation of PPM118428 by Saturn

observers: W.Hubbard, H.Reitsema, R.Hill

On the evening of Dec. 3/4, 1999, Saturn occulted the star PPM 118428. [m(v)=9.20 sp.=G0 02:40:16 +12 53 53] Immersion occurred at 06:43 UT for our site at the Kuiper Observatory on Mt. Bigelow just north of Tucson (-110 43.9 +32 25.0 alt.2510m). We used the PCCD occultation camera system to observe the event with a Methane interference filter. Many large "flashes" were seen as the star's light passed through the Saturnian atmosphere. They can be seen in this speeded-up movie of immersion below.

Image of star approaching Saturn

To the upper left is a portion of the ball of Saturn and to the upper right are the bright rings. The star is the fuzzy spot between and below these.