Rik Hill's Scenes from the 2002 Tucson Fossil Show

Scenes from the 2002 Tucson Rock, Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show

by Richard Hill

At the Executive Inn

In the ballroom

At the Inn Suites

Remember the wonder of your first show?!

More fish that he can shake a hook at!

Manfred Wolf and his fantastic ammonites.

Trilobites that are THIS big.


A terrific job of preparing some Moroccan crinoids.

At the Ramada Inn

A semi-mummified hadrosaur.

A fossil palm frond from the Green River Formation
with a very similar living one next to it.

This HUGE crinoid is from the
Hunsuker shale in Germany.

Some of Den's Critters

There were many dealers from China
and this is a representative example.

A sample of the great Wyoming fossil fish
from the Green River Formation.

Like a science fiction fairyland,
masses of crystals were everywhere.

A jurassic fish from Lebanon

Tom Johnson and one of his babies
an Isotelus Maximus

A whole bed full of trilobite.

Your in my way!

At the Fossil Co-Op

The front of the Fossil Co-Op
next to the Ramada Inn

A very impressive
assemblage of trilobites.

The largest slab of Moroccan crinoids
I saw at this show.

Another crystal forest.

Green River palm frond.

A monster Citrine cluster.

Sets of dishes made with
the cephalopod limestone from Morocco.

More furnishings made
with the limestone from Morocco.

At the Tucson Community Center

The view of the Tucson Community Center Show

Fossil pine cones with parent branch.

Art with Moroccan cephalopod limestone.

Instruments from the Gemmary.

Some of the exhibit cases


A small microscope.

An exhibit of low power microscopes
and small mineral specimens.

Detrich Fossil Co. and their big fish.

Another 100 year old brass microscope.

Dinosaurs and their world.