Scenes from the 2006 Tucson Fossil Show

Because of the work scheduled I was only able to get to two hotels and the Tucson CommunityCenter this year. Even so, it was an enjoyable show.
(Click on images for a larger view.)

Inn Suites

Three of the spectacular Crawfordsville, Indiana, crinoid plates by Tom Witherspoon Jr.

A Cretaceous croc gets in one more bite.

Leon Theisen, Custom Paleo, explains trilobites to a customer

The Black Hills Inst. end of the stage in the ballroom.

The whole stage in the ballroom.

This duckbill (Triebold Paleo), fully articulated,
was the subject of a pre-demise attack
by a raptor. Note the partially healed bone scars below.

Above and below, Triebold's other spectacular casts.

Pig from the Uglycene.

Two beautifully prepared Tarbosaur eggs by Robert Howell.

The largest trilobite in the ballroom...about 6" long.

Carl Ulrich and me shaking hands in front of his $35,000 fossil palm frond.
He got me started in fossil prep with one of his Priscacara kits.

An impressive cast.

A full sized model of Quetzalcoatlus.

A very nice plate of Andelusian trilobites from Morocco
and a beautiful desert rose (below) at Paleo Facts.

A spectacular display of flourescent minerals.
Note the before and after photo at the top.

The impressive Edmontosaur skull and it's preparator at In The Beginning Fossils.

R.J.B. Rock Shop's superior skulls prepared by Japheth Boyce.

At the room of David Lindgren was largest Priscacara I saw at the show.
This one was 13" long!

Ramada Limited

A tentful of amazing amethyst geodes.

The tents at the Ramada had some of the best
Moroccan fossils and fossil products

Blaine Reed Meteorites where Blaine (and his twin brother Blake)
entertain and inform prospective customersh.

Some very suspicious looking character (me) checking out the meteorites.

Tucson CommunityCenter

A huge tourmaline about 6" diameter.

One of many cabinets of teriffic minerals.

More Russian trilobites.

A group of the large headed Devonian fish Cepahalaspis.

Some of the antique brass geological instruments on display.

An amazing fluorite display.

A display that contained a beautiful specimen of Dioptase.

I saw few pine cones this year but this was the best display.

Another great cabinet of superb mineral specimens.

Science City's Brachiosaur leg bones and skull on display.

A breathtaking and huge specimen of Rhodochrosite on Tetrahedrite.

A collection of minerals from Cumberland, England from the University of Arizona Mineral Museum.

The display promoting the new University of Arizona Meteorite Museum.

A close-up of one of the more impressive meteorites in the collection.

Slabs and clusters of crystals were seen at many dealers.

A very nice Moroccan crinoid that was selling for a reasonable price.

This was an excellently prepared ray from the Green River Formation.

Another fluorescent mineral dealer with a fantastic display.

Steve Arnold, discoverer of the new HUGE Brenham meteorite was there with his meteorite.

The "Dactyliotheca of Pope Leo XII", basically a nice mineral collection
where all the specimens were formed into cabachons that fit into ring frames
that could be worn by the Pope Leo XII (1823-29).