Scenes from the 2007 Tucson Fossil Show

The fossils and meteorites were largely concentrated two hotels and the Tucson Community Center this year. Even so, we spent way to much money and too little time!

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In the Ballroom

Above: Triebold Paleontology, Inc.

Ulrich's Fossils. This year Carl Ulrich could not be with us as he was recovering, nicely I'm told, from a stroke.

Above:Tom Witherspoon and Dan Sinatra's display of exquisitely prepared crinoids.

Bob Carroll and Glen Rockers in front of Glen's huge shark

From left to right: Dolores Hill (Lunar & Planetary Lab), Larry & Nancy Lebofsky (editors of METEORITE!) and Richard Kowalski (Catalina Sky Survey and the manager of Minor Planet Mailing List)

Above: Fossils Canada

Lynne Clos, editor of Fossil News

George Winters - Secretary/Treasurer, Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

Leon Theisen who brought spectacular specimens from Oklahoma including the earliest found sea urchin.

Bill Mason of Uncommon Conglomerates.

In the Lobby

In the rooms

Mike Farmer's meteorites above.

Above:Moussa brought their usual spectacular best

Pieces of Spinosaur spine.

Herr Wolf and his exquisite prep work.

Above:Bethany and Leven Jester of PaleoFacts and their Moroccan wonders.

John & Linda Stimson of "Rocks of Ages"

Japeth Boyce and his fantastic Brule Fm. critters

Dr. Perner's Lebanon fish and amphibs

Ramada Limited

The tents

Teeth, bones & scutes.

Tucson Convention Center

The entire floor of the Convention Center.
Click on the image to see a 6Mb version of this image where you can actually see the individual vendors!