Sights from the 2016 Tucson Fossil Show

The majority of the fossils and meteorites were largely concentrated two hotels
and the Tucson Community Center this year. There is no attempt to organize,
there's just too much. So this is presented day by day.

(Click on images for a larger view.)

Day1 - Hotel Tucson City Center or HTCC (old Inn Suites)

Day2 - Ramada Inn

Day3 - HTCC(Inn Suites) again.

Day4 - HTCC again!

Day5 - 22nd Street Tent

Day6 - Granada St. Tent, International Gallery, plus Trilobite picking at HTCC with Riccardo Levi-Setti

Day7 - Kino Park and dinner with Riccardo Levi-Setti

Day8 - Ramada and HTCC

Day9 - Riverpark and Ramada

Day10 - Fossil Co-op and Granada St. Galleries

Day11 - Howard Johnson's

Day12 - Tucson Convention Center Show