Scenes from the 1999 Tucson Fossil Show

The Executive Inn

An absolutely HUGE ammonite presented by one of the Austrailian dealers.

More ammonites at that dealer.

One of the many spectacular saber-toothed cat skulls.

Custom made stands for fossil were featured by several dealers.

Meteor research being disucssed by Dolores Hill (Univ. of AZ) and Dr. Kreig who is the discoverer of Gold Basin meteorites.

One of the fabulous Eurypterid specimens found at Alan Lang's Meteorites and Fossils.

Another specimen.

One of Lang's beautiful Arctinurus trilobites.

Of course Lang has meteorites too!

This year a lot of Miocene skulls were exhibited from Tongxin, Ningxia Province, China.The largest one is a Megantereon inexpectatus (Teilhard).

A new addition to the show were "Eukrainian Eurypterids".

All kinds of terrific fossils could be found at Moussa Fossils.

The Ramada Inn

Some of the beautiful and very reasonably prices amathysist pieces from Brasil that were so plentiful this year.

Jim "Doc Paleo" Wyatt and his leaping wolf.

Bob and Sue Howell with an example of one of Bob's great prep jobs on a crinoid in the backgroud.

The Triebold Paleo. pleisiosaurid that over looked the ballroom at the Ramada Inn.

The view of a raptor that you don't want to really see!

A full scale coelacanth.

A small herd of orthomimus being chased by a T-Rex skull in the background, and a fascinated boy.

The T-Rex skull from "Stan" about to nip a spectator!

Outside at the Ramada after dealer.

Two fossil hunters in happy hunting grounds. The fellow on the right is Gordon Nelson, co-discoverer of the Sonorasaurus in the Whetstone Mountains south of Tucson.

Fossil art in the making.

Zarko Ljuboja shows off his fossils from the paleozoic Silica and Rochester Shales.

The Community Center Public Show Opened Feb. 11

Alan Lang and Ray winding up a two week long show!

The prettiest microscope at the show. Yours for only $4300.00.

Benthos Project, home of the best fossil prices. Zarko is in the middle with Robert Truesdell (back) and Scott Vergeils (red shirt).

Prospective customers look over the fossils at Benthos Project.

A close-up of a pyritized crinoid and brachiopod from the Silica Shale on display at Benthos.

A close-up of pyritized crinoid calixes from the Silica Shale on display at Benthos.

One of the hundred or so displays in the center of the show this one featuring ammonites.

Crinoids from Michigan, a display by Scott Vergeils.

A close-up of some of Scott's spectacular specimens.

More than just crinoids!

detrich Fossils shows off a fossil from the Chalk layers.

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum shows off the Sonorasaurus and the preparator.

A cabinet full of Sonorasaurus fossils.

A Burgess Shale exhibit.

The Burgess Shale exhibit from the other side.

Close-up of several of the Burgess fossils. The Anomalocaris apendages can be clearly seen.

Dolores Hill (meteoriticist at Univ. of Az.) looks for the perfect fluorite crystal.

Some personal effects of the Mexican emperor Maximillian, in keeping with this year's theme of Minerals of Mexico.

A fossil wood and pine cone exhibit.

Scenes of the main exhibit and dealer floor at the Community Center.