Video Astronomy Pictures

Images taken with a 4.5 inch Newtonian Telescope, FL 900 mm and Adirondack Video Astronomy Astrovid 1000 video camera. Images previewed on video monitor, acquired with Snappy image capture card. Processing (contrast stretch) done with XV

Jupiter 11/21/99, through Orion #82 Blue filter and 2x Barlow Lens. Maximum exposure time (about 1/60 s)

Saturn, same

Moon images taken with Orion #15 Yellow filter 11/20/99.

Round Dark area near upper center is Mare Humorum. SW of it is crater Gassendi.Bright crater at top left corner is Aristarchus: ENE of it is bright Copernicus. Large crater at top edge on terminator is Schickerd.


Arrowhead-shaped feature is 190km long crater Schiller. Double crater near center is Hainzel