Aerial Photos, 25 January 1997

Southeast corner of the UA. Large oval building is UA basketball stadium; football stadium is the large structure just below it. The Lunar and Planetary lab is the building just on the left edge of the frame, straight left from the top edge of the basketball stadium. Our house is on here too..

The University of Arizona, seen from the North West. Note the linear green expanse of the UA Mall.

Canyon in the Catalina Mountains

Biosphere 2. Greenish pyramidal structures are the 'biomes' (like jungle, desert, etc.) Greenish round-roofed structures below are the 'farms'; to the left of these are the white living quarters. White circular structures at bottom and right are the 'lungs' that absorb the expansion of the air during the day.

Sawtooth Erosion, on the North Side of the Catalinas near Mammoth. Sorry about the colour - I had to stretch the contrast a bit to bring these out. (Jay says the're called 'flatirons')

Giant dessication Polygons on Willcox Playa. You'll see these things on dried-up surfaces, usually about a foot across. These are several tens of metres across..

We flew quite low over the playa (fun) - Dan Durda in the left-hand seat, Zibi Turtle on the right.

granite outcrops (see the spheroidal weathering) East of Tucson

Turbulence jogged the camera on this shot - C'est Monet, Non?

Flight was about 2 hours , in a Cessna 172, flown by Dan Durda

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