Planetary Dunes Workshop June 2012

01coralpinksanddunes En route, a view of the Coral Pink sand dunes in SW Utah 02eldoradofromair Also a view of El Dorado playa, a dry lake bed SE of Las Vegas where I study dust devils 03craterrim A view of Meteor Crater from the road, showing the raised rim (it was originally called Coon Butte)
04cratersmile Self-portrait inside the crater 06annuallayers Mid-week field trip from the dunes workshop, near Page,AZ. Dramatic layers in the sandstone - the widely-spaced resistant layers show how far the dunes advanced each year. 08ralphmike With fellow Titanophile Mike Malaska, all tricked out with his geology gear
09canyon Entering the slot canyon with other bedding exposures 09slotcanyon We had a lunch stop where the canyon narrowed 10ripplelayers Layers formed by progressive advance of a dune, with episodes when ripples march up from the bottom (and out of the rock face)
11rubinlayers Layer maestro Dave Rubin explains the 4-dimensional evolution of the dunefield with its superposed ripples, and how it leads to the 2-dimensional pattern we see in the rocks. 12lynnlinear Fellow dust-devil fan Lynn Neakrase, in front of a fossil linear dune 14meteorfromair Careful watching out of the window as I flew out of Phoenix was rewarded with a great view of Meteor Crater from the air
13meteorcraterpansmaller Panorama of meteor crater

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