LPL Field Trip - Mt St Helens, Columbia River Basalts, Channelled Scablands

All images (c) R D Lorenz. Olympus D-460 camera

Dust Devil

Mt St Helens

The group among hummocky landslide deposits - Mt St Helens in Background

Pillow Basalt at Dalles : note palagonite rime/matrix

Dry Falls

Giant current ripples at West Bar overlook

Dr E P Turtle gets to grips - gecko-like - with the basalt

Impressive Columnar basalt, next to Frenchman Spring Coulee

Boulder in Ephrata Gravel fan. Note scoured region behind boulder. Dr E P turtle makes a run for the photo-op

Streamlined Hill

Precarious property and serious thinking at sediments cut by Hangman creek nr Spokane

Petroglyphs at Gingko State Park

Some simple harmonic relaxation for our saddlesore explorers, while others look on

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