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Atmo 641 "Advanced Dynamics": Otherwise known as "Geophysical Fluid Dynamics" or GFD, this is a new course that develops the modern theoretical basis for understanding the atmospheric circulation on the Earth and other planets. In addition to developing the theoretical tools, we will apply them so that students attain an understanding of the mechanisms controlling the general circulation on Earth, Mars, Venus, Titan, and the giant planets. It will be offered for the first time in Fall 2012.

PtyS 522 "Planetary Climate": A new course on the physics of climate of terrestrial planets, first offered Spring 2011. Click here for more information!

PtyS/Astr 206 "Our golden age of planetary exploration" Spring 2002, Spring 2004.

PtyS 517 "Atmospheres and remote sensing" Fall 2002, Fall 2004, Fall 2006 (with Roger Yelle), Fall 2008. I'll next be teaching it in Spring 2012. syllabus

Atmo/PtyS 541A "Dynamic Meteorology" Fall 2003, Fall 2005, Fall 2007. syllabus

PtyS 512 "Planetary global tectonics": Thorougly surveys the physics controlling regional-to-global-scale tectonics and heat transfer on planets. Spring 2006, Spring 2008, Fall 2010, next taught Spring 2013.

PtyS 594A "Planetary geology field practicum" Fall 2003 (co-taught with David Kring and Dante Lauretta) and Spring 2009 (co-taught with Shane Byrne). This course involves a 3-5 day geology field trip every semester.

PtyS 195A, the first-year undergraduate colloquium on "Planetary Climate" Fall 2004, Fall 2007.

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