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Adam Showman's Current and Former Group Members

Current group members:

Maria Steinrueck, graduate student, is investigating the atmospheric dynamics and cloud/haze processes on hot Jupiters and mini-Neptune exoplanets.

I have also worked extensively with and advised graduate students from other universities, including Daniel Perez-Becker (U.C. Berkeley) and Beibei Liu (Peking University); their published papers with me constituted a significant portion of their Ph.D. theses at their home institutions.

Showman's previous students/postdocs and where they are now:

Xianyu Tan (Ph.D. student 2013-2018): Atmospheric dynamics of brown dwarfs and extrasolar giant planets. Currently a postdoctoral scholar at Oxford University.

Tad Komacek (Ph.D. student 2013-2018): Atmospheric dynamics and interior structure of hot Jupiters, and the climate of terrestrial exoplanets. Currently a "51 Pegasus b" Fellow at the University of Chicago.

Vivien Parmentier (Sagan Fellow 2015-2017): Exoplanet atmosphere structure and dynamics. Currently an Associate Professor in Physics at Oxford University.

Xi Zhang (Bisgrove Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2015): Atmospheric dynamics of exoplanets and brown dwarfs; chemistry, radiation, and aerosols on Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Titan, and Pluto. Currently an Assistant Professor at U.C. Santa Cruz.

Tiffany Kataria (Ph.D. student 2009-2014): Atmospheric circulation of exoplanets, including hot Jupiters, super-Earths, and terrestrial planets. Currently a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Catherine Elder (Ph.D. student 2009-2015): Coupled orbital-thermal evolution, geophysics, melt segregation, and heat transfer in Jupiter's volcanic moon Io. Currently a postdoctoral scholar at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Mike Sussman (postdoc 2012-2014): atmospheric dynamics of giant planets. Currently a Senior Data Scientist at Groupon.

Emily Rauscher (Sagan postdoctoral fellow, 2010-2012): Atmospheric circulation of hot Jupiters. Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan.

Nikole Lewis (Ph.D. student 2007-2012): Atmospheric structure and dynamics of close-in extrasolar giant planets (the "hot Jupiters"), focusing especially on planets in eccentric orbits such as GJ 436b, HAT-P-2b, and HD 80606b. Nikole's thesis combined data analysis and GCM experiments. Currently an Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University.

David Choi (Ph.D. student 2004-2009, postdoctoral scholar 2009-2010): Dynamics of large ovals (Great Red Spot and White Ovals), turbulence, three-dimensional wind structure, and 5-micron hot spots on Jupiter and Saturn. Now an engineer working in the Washington D.C. area.

Yuan Lian (Ph.D. student 2003-2009): Jet formation on the giant planets. Now a research scientist at Aeolis Research in Arizona.

Michael Bland (Ph.D. student 2002-2008): Conducted numerical investigations of grooved-terrain formation and "tectonic resurfacing" on Ganymede and Enceladus; investigated formation of Ganymede's magnetic field and internal evolution using coupled orbital-thermal models. Currently a research scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kunio Sayanagi (Ph.D. student 2001-2007): The influence of giant convective outbursts (e.g., the quasiperiodic Great White Storms) on Saturn's equatorial jet and thermal structure; basic dynamics of jet formation, inverse cascades, and turbulence in 3D. Now an assistant professor at Hampton University in Virginia.

Curtis Cooper (Ph.D. student 2000-2006): Atmospheric dynamics, clouds, and chemistry on extrasolar giant planets and brown dwarfs. Since then Curtis's research has shifted to network theory, graph algorithms, measuring complexity in complex adaptive systems, and modeling systems with intelligent agents. Currently a Senior Software Engineer at Magic Leap in Miami, Florida.

Giuseppe Mitri (postdoctoral scholar 2004-2006): Tectonics and resurfacing of icy moons. Now a research scientist in Nantes, France.

Pics for kicks:

Saguaros and stars near Tucson. (Courtesy Jaw Lee)
Saguaros and stars near Tucson. (Courtesy Jaw Lee)
Adam, Andy Ingersoll and Tad Komacek at AGU 2019.
Being elected AGU Fellow.
Adam along with University of Arizona Geosciences professor Peter Reiners at AGU 2019.
Memorializing wearing a fancy vest and tie at AGU... a not often seen event. ;-).
Showman group April 2018. From left: Tad Komacek, Maria Steinrueck, Adam Showman, and Xianyu Tan. After celebrating Tad's successful thesis defense with a dinner out at La Indita Mexican restaurant in Tucson.

Tad Komacek and Adam Showman, April 2018, after Tad's thesis defense.

Tad Komacek and Adam Showman, April 2018, after Tad's thesis defense.

DPS talks by Maria Steinrueck and Xianyu Tan in October 2017, Provo, Utah:

Pages from history....

Showman group November 2009. From left to right: Tiffany Kataria, David Choi, Adam Showman, and Nikole Lewis.

Another group shot, November 2009.

Showman group November 2004. From left to right: Mike Bland, Curtis Cooper, Bill Valine, Adam Showman, Yuan Lian, Kunio Sayanagi, and Giuseppe Mitri.

Curtis during our trip to Ithaca, New York, June 2004. Yuan and Curtis fiddling with the camera.
Giuseppe practicing his DPS talk, Nov 2004.

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