A sunset silhouette of me running on a westward-facing beach.
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Hi! I am Jess Vriesema.

I am a doctoral candidate in planetary scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (Department of Planetary Sciences) at the University of Arizona, and I plan to defend my dissertation in November of 2019. I am a computational physicist specializing in numerical simulations of electrodynamics in the atmopsheres of giant planets. My current work seeks to understand how electrodynamics in Saturn's mid- to low-latitude thermosphere influences its temperatures and dynamics.

I enjoy programming, playing board/card games, computer games, tabletop role-playing games hiking, and hanging out with friends and family.

Recently, while going through a slow spell in my research, I tapped a creative outlet and designed a board game—something I have dreamed about for years. Even though the "Island Game" is still far from being published, I occasionally playtest it with friends and family and have received very positive reviews!

I focus more on my research than on this web site, so some of the links on this website have not been implemented yet. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.