PTYS 395
Mercury: Open Questions And New Data

Dr. Shane Byrne &mdash 626-0407 &mdash 524 Kuiper Building


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The Messenger spacecraft is poised to complete its first flyby of Mercury this January, with subsequent flybys planned for October 2008 and September 2009. It is an appropriate time to review the current state of knowledge about Mercury, and assess what open questions may be addressed by the Messenger mission. This seminar class will focus on reviewing the scientific literature on research of Mercury and discussion of new Messenger data in that context.

General Info

  • Course syllabus and topics covered are discussed here.
  • Sessions take place in Rm 309 of the Kuiper building, Wednesday 2-3pm.

The background image is of Phoebe, a moon of Saturn. It was acquired by the Cassini spacecraft in June of 2004. See here for the original image and more info.