PTYS 395
Mercury: Open Questions And New Data

Dr. Shane Byrne &mdash 626-0407 &mdash 524 Kuiper Building


&mdash Reading &mdash

Reading for each session is listed below. Most of the reading is drawn from the books "Exploring Mercury: The Iron Planet" by Strom and Sprauge and the Arizona Press "Mercury" edited by Villas, Chapman and Matthews. I'll make all the reading available, but if you feel motivated to buy them then clicking on the images to the right will bring you to the Amazon page.

Jan 23rd Mariner 10 Summary - Chapter 2 of "Exploring Mercury"
Messenger Summary - Solomon et al. (2007)
Jan 30th Mercury's Atmosphere - Chapter 6 of "Exploring Mercury"
A Surface-Bounded Exosphere - Domingue et al. (2007)
Feb 6th
Feb 13th Radar detection of polar volatiles - Harmon et al.(1994)
Mercury's polar temperatures - Vasavada et al. (1999)
Feb 20th Space Weathering on Mercury I - Sasaki and Kurahashi (2004)
Space Weathering on Mercury II - Nobel and Pieters (2003)
Feb 27th Measuring Mercury's spin with radar - Margot (2007)
News and Views Summary - Solomon (2007)
Mercury's Interior - Chatper 4 of "Exploring Mercury"
Mar 5th Tectonics on Mercury - Chapter 11: Exploring Mercury
Geology of Mercury - Head et al. (2007) - pages 64-70.
Mar 12th Tectonics on Mercury P.G. Thomas (1997)
Mar 19th
Mar 26th Exploring Mercury - Chapter 12: History and Origin
Origin of Mercury - Benz et al. (2007)
Apr 2nd Exploring Mercury - Chapter 7: General surface features and radar characteristics
Exploring Mercury - Chapter 8: Surface composition
Apr 9th Exploring Mercury - Chapter 9: The impact cratering record
Only sections 9.5 and 9.6
Stratigraphy of Caloris Basin - McCauley et al. (1981)
Apr 16th Exploring Mercury - Chapter 10: Plains: Smooth and Intercrater
The Formation of Mercury's Smooth Plains - Kieffer and Murray(1987)
Apr 23rd Exploring Mercury - Chapter 9: The impact cratering record
Geology of Mercury - Head et al. (2007) - pages 58-64.
Apr 30th Exploring Mercury - Chapter 8: Surface Composition
May 7th Exploring Mercury - Chapter 5: Mercury's Magnetic Field
Geophysics of Mercury - Zuber et al. (2007) Only section 5, pages 120-125
Geology of Mercury - Head et al. (2007) Only section 3, pages 55-58
Mercury's Stratigraphy - Spudis and Guest (1988) [extract]

The background image is of Phoebe, a moon of Saturn. It was acquired by the Cassini spacecraft in June of 2004. See here for the original image and more info.