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Planetary Geophysics Group

University of Arizona
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Jeff Andrews-Hanna
Associate Professor
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Kuiper room 438

PTYS 206 Exploring our Solar System:
Our Solar System is filled with an incredible diversity of objects. These include the sun and planets, of course, but also many hundreds of moons -- some with exotic oceans, erupting volcanoes, or dynamic atmospheres. Billions of asteroids and comets inhabit the space between and beyond the planets. Each body is unique, and has followed its own evolutionary history. This class will explore our current understanding of the Solar System and emphasize similarities that unite the different bodies as well as the differences between them. We will develop an understanding of physical processes that occur on these bodies, including tectonics, impact cratering, volcanism, and processes operating in their interiors, oceans, and atmospheres. We will also discuss planets around nearby stars and the potential for life beyond Earth. Throughout the class, we will highlight the leading role that the University of Arizona has played in exploring our Solar System.

PTYS 595B: Evolution of the terrestrial planets:
This course will explore the evolution of the terrestrial planets (including the Moon), with an emphasis on internal evolution and geodynamics. We will focus on each individual body, and the processes and properties that governed its evolution from accretion to present-day. In so doing, we will build on the theory taught in other classes, but with a greater emphasis on application to the planets. Lectures will be supplemented by readings and discussions.