Longitude:-110.77639 deg. W or 110 deg. 46' 35.0"
Latitude: 32.18025 deg. N or +32 deg. 10' 48.9"
Height above sealevel: 2875 ft.
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Earth orbit image of the Jim Loudon Obs. location.

The Jim Loudon Observatory is located in the foothills of the Rincon Mountains on the east edge of Tucson. Instrumentation includes a TEC 8"f/20 Mak-Cas, Dynamax6, Celestron 5, an RV-6 Dynascope and other smaller instruments. Augmenting these are several filar micrometers, video and web cameras, an objective prism spectrograph. This equipment is used to: make regular lunar, planetary and solar morphological observations as well as used to measure high proper motion and binary stars.

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