University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Presents:

An exhibition of art, created from and inspired by the solar system

and the scientific data with which we explore it.



2014 Art of Planetary Science Exhibition


Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

1629 E University Blvd

Tucson AZ 85721



Thanks to all the 70 artists and scientist and >300 attendees that made last year's event so memorable! You can see our list of participating artists and photos of the event here. Plans are already in the works for a second annual TAPS exhibition this year, so keep your eyes open for information. If you'd like to be notified about the event once a date is chosen, join our mailing list!





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About the Event:LPL_outreach_ArtOfPlanetaryScience_for_TFOB_2014.png


The universe is vast and curiosity drives us to study and explore our place in space and what holds us here. As planetary scientists, we study what's going on in our own solar system. We study the origin of the planets, the forces that move and hold them in orbit, the nature of their surfaces and atmospheres, and the mysteries of their interiors. We study the massive sun and the infinitesimal asteroids and comets. Through science, we seek to understand the history and possible futures of our solar system (and others!) and the laws that govern them. What others see as numbers, charts, and equations, we see as relationships and processes. Science is elegant and beautiful, and requires an enormous amount of thought, creativity, and attention to detail. Creating scientific knowledge is not unlike creating art, so come take a new look at our work through an artist’s eyes. 


Our event was two-fold, featuring works of planetary science inspired art from the local community, alongside works by scientusts created created from scientific data. Last year we succeeded in bridging the gap between the science and art communities in Tucson, with submissions from more than 70 local artists and scientists in a variety of mediums, from paintings, prints, and photographs to sculptures, textiles, and glasswork! Winners and selected works were featured at Craft Tucson and Tucson Museum of Art’s Art on Tap: Art, Beer and Music Fest on December 7th 2013.



Watch the site for new information on this year's competition. You can also check out our Inspiration page for links to planetary science images and info! And don't forget to check us out on Facebook!