Fall 2009 - Geronimo/San Bernadino Volcanic Field, Arizona

For the Fall 2009 fieldtrip, we explored some uncharted territory. The SE corner of the state houses Willcox Playa, the Chiricahua Mountains, and the Geronimo/San Bernadino Volcanic Field. The volcanic field is home to numerous cinder cones and maar volcanic craters.

Willcox Playa, SE Arizona, with an old dessication crack.

Digging a trench to determine the soil layers within the crack.

A somewhat fresher dessication crack.

Rick Greenberg flew overhead and kindly snapped some aerial photos as we were inspecting the polygons, in order to compare what is seen from remote sensing with what is seen from the ground.

Zoomed-in and cropped version of the above photo.

Cool pattern found near the clay dunes.

Searching for mantle nodules at a field site in the volcanic field.

Mantle nodule with its presumed origin in the background.

Floor of Paramore Crater.

Examining the floor of another maar crater.