Spring 2009 - Remote Sensing & the Mojave

For the Spring 2009 field trip, we ventured out to the Mojave Desert in California. The focus of this semester's field trip was to compare what is seen from the ground with observations from remote sensing satellites orbiting Earth.

Near our first stop at Burro Creek, AZ, we stumbled upon a site with numerous samples of obsidian or "Apache Tears."

Camping on Night 1.

Cima Volcanic Field.

Comparing what we see on the ground with a remote sensing data set.

Coyote Dry Lake

Salt evaporites

Kelso Dune Field

Examining some spectacular cross-bedding at the dune field.

Amboy Crater

We coordinated with Rick Greenberg, who kindly flew overhead and performed some aerial reconaissance to examine the Amboy wind streak while we tried to figure out what was going on from the ground.

The view from the rim of Amboy Crater.

Just about the only thing in Amboy, California.

Route 66

Rick takes off for home from Runway 1 at Amboy International Airport.