Meet the Installation Team!

May 2, 2018

What does the Installation Team do?

The Installation Team ships out to our Greenland field site in just three weeks! They will set up our camp and the experiment site in sub-zero temperatures, whilst avoiding polar bears and crevasses, and trying to stay toasty-warm in 5000 layers of thermal underwear! Once the seismometers are ready to go, the Install Team will create active sources for the seismometers to sense (‘passive’ sources are things like ice cracking; ‘active’ sources are things like one of us hitting the ice with a hammer). They will also perform other geophysical tests (such as radar-sounding of the sub-surface) to help us learn more about the field site.  


Who are they?

The Installation Team is led by Dr. Erin Pettit – an Associate Professor of glaciology and geophysics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Erin is joined by planetary seismologist Dr. Nick Schmerr from the University of Maryland, Daniella DellaGiustina at the University of Arizona, Brad Avenson of Silicon Audio, and undergraduate research assistant Natalie Wagner.  Susan ‘Suz’ Detweiler is in charge of personnel safety while in the field, and SIIOS Project Scientist Dani and Sensor Design Engineer Brad back-up Suz as the Install Team’s sharp shooters.