Federico Fraschetti

Research Scientist/Associate Staff Scientist

Theoretical astrophysicist with broad interests in the problem of acceleration and transport of charge particles in turbulent media, namely origin of cosmic-rays.

Interests span from space physics (modelling of particle acceleration at interplanetary shocks and of propagation of solar energetic particles in the interplanetary medium, and interpretation of spacecraft measurements, e.g., ACE, STEREO, Wind, Parker Solar Probe), high energy astrophysics (modelling of particle acceleration, of mechanisms of electromagnetic radiation and dynamics of magnetic field at supernova remnant shocks and pulsar wind nebulae, interpretation of data from, e.g.,  Chandra, XMM-Newton, Fermi-LAT, VERITAS) and laboratory astrophysics (project/interpretation of experiments to study the generation of collisionless shock waves).

Recent interest in the effect of charged particles accelerated by young stars on the evolution of proto-planetary disks and on the evolution of life in exo-planets (TRAPPIST-1).

Methods used: analytic (pen & paper), numeric (editing, parallelising, running own codes on NASA super-computers).


  • Ph.D., 2004, University of Rome