Current Funding


Principal Investigator (PI)

  • "RAVEN: Rover–Aerial Vechile Exploration Network", Planetary Science and Technology Through Analog Research (PSTAR) Program
  • “Pattern to process: Flood basalt emplacement parameters and their cross-sectional morphologies”, JPL Strategic University Research Partner-ship (SURP) Program (Co-PI with Dr. Laura Kerber, JPL)
  • “LIFE: Lava-Induced Fumarolic Environments”, EUROVOLC 2nd Transnational Access Call

Co-Investigator (Co-I)

  • "The Io Volcano Observer (IVO)", NASA Discovery Program, Phase A (PI: Dr. Alfred McEwen, University of Arizona)
  •  Investigating magma–cryosphere interactions and outflow channel activi-ty in Hebrus Valles, NASA Mars Data Analysis Program (PI: Dr. Jack Holt, University of Arizona)
  • “Assessing the formation and implications of self-secondary craters on Co-pernican impact ejecta”. NASA Lunar Data Analysis Program (PI: Dr. Natalia Artemieva, Planetary Science Institute)