Published Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Student; *Postdoctoral Researcher                                            


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Other Publications (Published Data Sets, White Papers, and Meeting Reports):

†Student; *Postdoctoral Researcher


Data Set: Hamilton CW, and SP Scheidt (2020) Supplemental information for “Lava-rise plateaus and inflation pits in the McCartys lava flow-field, New Mexico: An analog for pāhoehoe-like lava flows on planetary surfaces”, University of Arizona Campus Repository,


Data Set: Scheidt SP, and CW Hamilton (2019). Kite-derived orthoimage mosaic and digital terrain model of the southern portion of the McCartys lava flow-field, New Mexico, USA: Data acquired 6 February to 1 April, 2015. University of Arizona Spatial Data Explorer.


Data Set: Scheidt SP, and CW Hamilton (2019) Unmanned aerial system (UAS)-derived orthoimage mosaics and digital terrain models of the northeastern portion of the 2014–2015 Holuhraun lava flow-field, Iceland: Data acquired from 2015 to 2018. University of Arizona Spatial Data Explorer.


Meeting Report: de Kleer K*, A McEwen, R Park, C Bierson†, A Davies, D DellaGiustina, A Ermakov, J Fuller, CW Hamilton, C Harris, H Hay†, R Jacobson, J Keane, L Kestay, K Khurana, K Kirby, V Lainey, I Matsuyama, C McCarthy, F Nimmo, M Panning, A Pommier, J Rathbun, G Steinbrügge*, D Stevenson, V Tsai, E Turtle, J Eiler, E Young, K Zahnle, J Adkins, K Mandt, M McGrath, A Moullet, H Waite, and N Schneider (2019) Tidal heating: Lessons from Io and the Jovian System. Keck Institute for Space Studies.  98 pp.


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Meeting Report: Hamilton CW (2015) Team gets firsthand look at the new Holuhraun eruption site. Eos, 96.