Brown Bag Colloquium: Dr. Vladimir Florinski

Monday, Mar 25, 2013
12:00 pm
Location: Kuiper Space Sciences
Room: 309

Dr. Vladimir Florinski
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama, Huntsville

Host: Randy Jokipii

The Physics of the Heliopause

The heliopause is a plasma boundary separating the region of space controlled by the Sun's expanding atmosphere (the solar wind) from the interstellar cloud surrounding our star. It is likely that the plasmas on each side of the boundary have vastly different bulk properties and are in very different states of turbulent agitation. Last year Voyager 1 reported a series of energetic particle dropout events followed by a crossing of a sharp plasma boundary, that may have been the heliopause, or another, yet unknown interface. The plasma on the far side of the boundary was much less turbulent than what was observed previously in the heliosheath. Coincident with the boundary crossing was an almost complete disappearance of energetic particles produced in the heliosphere (such as anomalous cosmic rays), and a simultaneous increase in galactic cosmic-ray intensity. I will discuss these new results and suggest possible theoretical interpretations of the particle dropout events.