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Jonathan Gradie (1978)

"I have participated and precipitated a number of adventures. Briefly, I've wandered a bit away from traditional 'planetary science,' taking an entrepreneurial bent for the last 20 years by founding, growing, and selling small technology companies."

Most recently, Jonathan is guiding the application of those remote sensing technologies and lessons learned to the life sciences. "Our newest product, the UltraSightHD(TM), represents a significant advance in women's health and cancer detection. It is the culmination of many years of NASA/NSF/DoD-derived hyperspectral imaging technology, imaging processing, remote sensing and mapping, remote operation aka telemedicine servicing underserved areas (e.g., Indian Health Service), as well as intelligent image/data analysis assisting the physician with diagnoses."

Jonathan continues, "When described like that, the mission of the USHD is quite analogous to that of Cassini, MERs and LRO except that working distances are measured in centimeters rather than A.U., resolutions measured in microns rather than meters and costs in units of thousands of dollars rather than millions. Yet, the physician (or patient) could be on Mars for that matter! It is fun and exciting to bring health care into the 21st century."

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