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Bill Hartmann is Recipient of the 2010 Barringer Award

Our congratulations to Bill Hartmann on being named the recipient of the 2010 Barringer Medal and Award!

The Meteoritical Society presents this prestigious award for outstanding work in the field of impact cratering, and/or work that has led to a better understanding of impact phenomena. William K. Hartmann has been selected for his fundamental contributions to impact crater studies, including development and refinement of crater isochrons, discovery of Mare Orientale, and his seminal work on the origin of the Moon. He also has enlightened the general public about planetary science through his numerous books and artwork

Bill is an alumnus of the University of Arizona and of LPL: "I came in 1961,when LPL was located in the Physics, Math, and Meteorology Building, PMM. A group of us were located not in PMM but in a Quonset hut called T6, for Temporary Building Number 6. It was a sort of cylindrical shaped structure, on the present location of the science library. We used to have jokes about Kuiper flying into a tizzy over something and saying 'Call T6, call T6' because a bunch of us graduate students over there were either about to be chewed out or he needed us to do something."

William Hartmann is founder of the Planetary Science Institute, where he is now Senior Scientist.

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