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LPL alums ready to mine asteroids

The media is buzzing about Planetary Resources and its recently announced plan to mine asteroids. LPL is proud to claim three alumni and an emeritus professor on the Planetary Resources team:

Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Engineer, graduated from the University of Arizona in 1997 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering; he completed his M.S. from the same program in 2000. Chris is an alumnus of Arizona Space Grant and the UA chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (both headquartered at LPL); Chris was also JPL Flight Controller for the Phoenix mission;

Advisors Thomas D. Jones and Mark V. Sykes are both LPL alums. Tom earned his Ph.D. from LPL in 1988 (with John Lewis) and Mark earned his in 1986 (with Don Hunten).

PtyS/LPL Professor Emeritus John Lewis is also a member of the team.

From the Arizona Daily Star, April 25, 2012: Bold plan goes for asteroid gold

Space miners seek riches in nearby asteroids

Is it really cheaper to mine platinum from an asteroid?

In Pursuit of Riches, and Travelers' Supplies, in the Asteroid Belt

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