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Beary Xiao


Visiting student/researcher Beary Xiao recently returned to his home in China after spending two years at LPL. Beary is back in Wuhan, writing: "It is a great pleasure to come back and see the old friends here, but I also miss you guys and the blue and clean sky in Tucson." Beary married fiancee Lina on September 21, shortly after arriving home in China. Lina is a human resource manager for a private company in China. Beary will graduate from Wuhan University in June 2013 and hopes to earn a post-doctoral position at China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), where he will continue his work on planetary geology with an emphasis on surface evolution. Our best wishes to Beary and Lina!


Beary and Lina in Guilin

Beary and Lina in Guilin

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