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Introducing Terry A. Hurford III


Terry Hurford (LPL Class of 1998) and his wife recently gave birth to their second child, Terry A. Hurford III. They are currently living in the Baltimore/DC area, having moved there after grad school to work at Goddard Space Flight Center. Terry has continued his work dealing with tidal stress on icy satellites by looking at how tidal stress can affect the Tiger Stripes on Enceladus, possibly causing daily movements along them and controlling volatile escape as Baby Hurfordobserved by Cassini. He is also a part of the Cassini CIRS team,  helping with OPS and science planning for icy satellite targets.  Observations he helped plan and execute found thermal anomalies on Mimas (the Pacman) and Tethys.

In addition to science and mission work, Terry is currently running the Outer Planets Research Program while on a detail to NQ. During his tenure as Discipline Scientist for OPRP, he has successfully maintained a diverse and dynamic program while increasing its budget by more than 50%.

Congratulations to the Hurford family!

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