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This past summer, LPL graduate students Meghan Cassidy, James Keane, and Rob Zellem were given the chance to run the Mars + Beyond exhibit at Tucson's Science Downtown. Along with LPL's Maria Schuchardt and Dolores Hill, the grads held two public events which attracted over 500 people. Rob Zellem writes, "We were extremely excited for the amount of interest and support we received for our events at Science Downtown. We had a few outside groups run some activities, like U of A Connections [a University science outreach group] and Pima Air and Space Museum. The hundreds of people who came to our events just speaks volumes on how hungry Tucson is for science---they came to the events despite the summer heat and the downtown streetcar construction. We also made some great connections with other grads not only in LPL but also in other departments." While Science Downtown is slated to close this fall, Zellem hopes to bring this summer's energy and experience on-campus to help promote the LPL brand.










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