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2009/2010 Graduate Student Class

2009/2010 Graduate Student Class

LPL welcomes the 2009/2010 graduate student class!

Patricio Becerra, B.S. Physics, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Research interest: planetary surface processes (Byrne)

Ingrid Daubar-Spitale, M.S. Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona. Research interest: Mars impact cratering (McEwen)

Christopher Dietl, Visiting student, Fulbright travel grant (2009/2010), Physics/Computer Sciences, Ruprechts-Karls-Universität

Youngmin JeongAhn, B.S. Astronomy/Earth System Sciences, Seoul National University. Research interest: Asteroid dynamics (Malhotra)

Tiffany Kataria, B.S. Astronomy/Physics, State University of New York, Stony Brook. Research interest: Exoplanets, planetary interiors (Showman)

Juan Lora, B.S. Astronomy, University of Southern California. Research interest: Astrobiology, exoplanets (Lunine)

Chet Maleszewski, M.S. Applied Physics, Northern Arizona University. Research interest: Asteroids, KBOs, exoplanets (McMillan)

Jamie Molaro, B.S. Physics, San Francisco State University. Research interest: Planetary geophysics.

Robert Zellem, M.S. Space Sciences, University College London. Research interest: Planetary sciences.

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