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2009 PtyS Graduates

Congratulations to the department's newest Ph.D. recipients!

Maria Banks, Ph.D.(Geosciences), 2009, McEwen. Glacial processes and morphologies in the southern hemisphere of Mars.
Post-doc (RA), Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, National Air and Space Museum, CEPS, National Air and Space Museum.

Colin Dundas Ph.D., 2009, McEwen.
Geomorphology of Martian surface features.
Post-doc (RA), HiRISE project, LPL.

Brian Jackson Ph.D., 2009, Greenberg. Tidal evolution of extra-solar planets.
Post-doc (RA), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Kelly Kolb Ph.D., 2009, McEwen.
Investigating evidence for geologically recent liquid water on Mars.
Teacher, The Village School (Houston).

Yuan Lian Ph.D., 2009, Showman.
Numerical simulations of atmospheric dynamics on the giant planets.
Research Associate, Ashima Research (Pasadena, CA).

David Minton Ph.D., 2009, Malhotra. Dynamical history of the asteroid belt and implications for terrestrial planet bombardment.
Post-doc (RA) Southwest Research Institute (Boulder).

Eric Palmer Ph.D., 2009, Brown. Volatiles on solar system objects: Carbon dioxide on Iapetus and aqueous alteration in CM chondrites.

Paulo Penteado Ph.D., 2009, Griffith. Study of Titan's methane cycle.
Post-doc (RA), Astronomy Dept., Universidade de Sao Paolo (Brazil).

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