Solar and Heliospheric Research Group


Joe Giacalone
Joe Giacalone
Jack Jokipii
J.R. (Randy) Jokipii
Jozsef Kota
Jozsef Kota
Tamara Rogers
Tamara Rogers

Additional personnel:

  • Federico Fraschetti, Associate Staff Scientist
  • Marcia Neugebauer, Research Scientist (Affiliate)


The Solar and Heliospheric Research Group seeks a greater Understanding of the diverse plasma processes at work throughout our solar system and the universe. Research topics range from the physics of the solar interior and atmosphere to the solar wind, energetic particle transport, and acceleration processes. 

Recent News

On July 24, 2013, Tom Schad successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation titled, "Spectropolarimetry of Fine Magnetized Structures in the Upper Solar Atmosphere." He has moved on to a position as Instrument Scientist at the Institute for Astronomy, University of HawaiiI (Maui). Tom's dissertation advisor was Professor Joe Giacalone. Aloha, Tom!


"Internal Gravity Waves Modulate the Apparent Misalignment of Exoplanets around Hot Stars" T.M. Rogers, D.N.C., Lin & H.H.B., Lau, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 758, Issue 1 (2012) Available Online

"Removal of Spectro-polarimetric Fringes by Two-dimensional Pattern Recognition" R. Casini, P.G. Judge & T.A. Schad The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 756, Issue 2 (2012) Available Online

"Early-time Velocity Autocorrelation for Charged Particles Diffusion and Drift in Static Magnetic Turbulence" F. Fraschetti & J. Giacalone, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 755, Issue 2 (2012) Available Online

"The Acceleration Mechanism of Anomalous Cosmic Rays" J. Giacalone, J.F. Drake & J.R. Jokipii, Space Science Reviews, Online First (2012)Available Online

"The Longitudinal Transport of Energetic Ions from Impulsive Solar Flares in Interplanetary Space" J. Giacalone & J.R. Jokipii, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 751, Issue 2 (2012) Available Online

"Magnetohydrodynamic Fluid Stability in the Presence of Streaming Cosmic Rays" E.J. GreenfieldJ.R. Jokipii & J. Giacalone, Under review for publication in ApJ E-print Available

"Evidence for Polar X-Ray Jets as Sources of Microstream Peaks in the Solar Wind" M. Neugebauer The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 750, Issue 1 (2012) Available Online

"On the Amplification of Magnetic Field by a Supernova Blast Shock Wave in a Turbulent Medium" F. Guo, S.Li, H.Li, J. GiacaloneJ.R. Jokipii & D. Li, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 747, Issue 2 (2012) Available Online

"Theory and Modeling of Galactic Cosmic Rays: Trends and Prospects"J.Kóta, Space Science Reviews, Online First (2012) Available Online

"Toroidal Field Reversals and the Axisymmetric Tayler Instability" T.M. Rogers The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 735, Issue 2 (2011) Available Online

"Time-dependent Perpendicular Transport of Fast Charged Particles in a Turbulent Magnetic Field" F. Fraschetti & J.R. Jokipii, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 734, Issue 2 (2011) Available Online

Solar and Heliospheric Research Group
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