PTYS/LPL Faculty

Ilaria Pascucci


  • Molly Simon (PTYS)



  • Elisabetta Rigliaco, 2011-2014, University of Arizona
  • David Fedele, 2009-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute and Johns Hopkins University
  • Veronica Roccatagliata, 2010-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Basmah Riaz, 2009-2010, Space Telescope Science Institute


  • Nathaniel P. Hendler, undergraduate, honors thesis, 2013, University of Arizona
  • James Keane, PTYS, 2011-2013, University of Arizona
  • Judit Szulagyi, undergraduate, 2010-2012, Space Telescope Science Institute and Eotvos Lorand University
  • Laszlo Szucs, undergraduate, 2009-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute and University of Szeged
  • Emily Hardegree-Ullman, undergraduate, honors thesis, 2006-2007, University of Arizona
Ilaria Pascucci
Assistant Professor
Planetary formation and evolution
Ph.D., 2004, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Heidelberg

Kuiper   #530

Years with LPL:  2011 to present


Dr. Pascucci’s research is directed towards understanding the formation and evolution of giant and terrestrial planets in the Solar System and in other planetary systems. She is particularly interested in merging the cosmochemist view of the solar nebula evolution with the astronomical view of protoplanetary disk evolution and planet formation.

Her research activities include studies of exoplanetary architectures, evolution and dispersal of the pre-planetary material around young stars and associated physical mechanisms, and evolution of volatiles (e.g., water) in protoplanetary disks in relation to their delivery to terrestrial planets.

CV for Dr. Pascucci (PDF)


  • Warm Gas in the Planet-forming Region of Disks: NASA/ADP
  • Understanding the Origin of Transition Disks via Disk Mass Measurements: Herschel Space Observatory
  • The Masses of Brown Dwarf Disks and the Disk-Stellar Mass Scaling Relation: Herschel Space Observatory
  • Understanding Protoplanetary Disk Winds and Planet Interactions via Disk Emission Lines: NSF
  • Establishing the Disk Mass-Stellar Mass Scaling Relation: NRAO/SOS


NASA ADS Author search: Ilaria Pascucci


Publications listed for 2011-2014. For a complete list of Dr. Pascucci's publications, use the link provided for the NASA ADS Author search.

Todorov, K. O., et al. (Pascucci, I. 7th author) A Search for Companions to Brown Dwarfs in the Taurus and Chamaeleon Star-Forming Regions 2014ApJ...788...40T

Keane, J. T., et al. (Pascucci, I. 2nd author) Herschel Evidence for Disk Flattening or Gas Depletion in transitional Disks 2014ApJ...787..153K

Pascucci, I., Herczeg, G., Carr, J. S., Bruderer, S. - The Atomic and Molecular Content of Disks around Very Low-mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 2013ApJ...779..178

Alexander, R., Pascucci, I., Andrews, S., Armitage, P., Cieza, L., Protostar and Planets VI review chapter in press (2013arXiv1311.1819A) Talk available on youtube at:

Moór, A. et al. (Pascucci, I. 11th author) - ALMA Continuum Observations of a 30 Myr Old Gaseous Debris Disk around HD 21997 2013ApJ...777L..25M

Kamp, I. et al. (Pascucci, I. 8th author) - Uncertainties in water chemistry in disks: An application to TW Hydrae 2013A&A...559A..24K

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Harvey, P. M., et al. (Pascucci, I. 9th author) A Herschel Survey of Cold Dust in Disks around Brown Dwarfs and Low-mass Stars 2012ApJ...755...67H

Pascucci, I., Gorti, U., Hollenbach, D. Free-Free Emission and Radio Recombination Lines from Photoevaporating Disks 2012ApJ...751L..42P

Alexander, R. D., Pascucci, I. Deserts and pile-ups in the distribution of exoplanets due to photoevaporative disc clearing 2012MNRAS.422L..82A

Popular Solar System Orbits Result in 'Planet Pileups'

Sacco, G. G., et al. (Pascucci, I. 3rd author) High-resolution Spectroscopy of Ne II Emission from Young Stellar Objects 2012ApJ...747..142S

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Moór, A., Pascucci, I., et al. Structure and Evolution of Debris Disks Around F-type Stars. I. Observations, Database, and Basic Evolutionary Aspects 2011ApJS..193....4M