PTYS/LPL Faculty

Thomas Zega


  • Diana Bolser (Chemistry)
  • Michelle Thompson (PTYS)
Tom Zega
Assistant Professor
Cosmochemistry, Planetary materials
Ph.D., 2003, Arizona State University

Kuiper   #522

Years with LPL:  2011 to present


Dr. Zega applies a microscopy- and microanalysis-based approach to study the chemical and physical evolution of the early solar system and ancient stars. His current efforts are focused on the origin of refractory inclusions, presolar grains, primitive organics, interplanetary dust particles, and material retrieved from the Stardust mission. He uses ultrahigh-resolution ion- and electron-microscopy techniques, including focused-ion-beam scanning-electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, to determine the composition and structure of these materials at scales ranging from millimeters down to a fraction of a nanometer. Knowledge of these intimate details of planetary materials provides incomparable insights into the origin of our solar system and ancient stars.

Planetary Materials Research Group


  • Microstructural and Crystal-Chemical Studies of Presolar Oxides: NASA Cosmochemistry Program
  • Pilot Study: The Search for Biosignatures in Rock Microhabitats from the Atacama Desert, an Analog for Mars Environment, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program
  • Acquisition of a FIB-SEM at the University of Arizona for the Analysis of Planetary Materials, NASA Planetary Major Equipment Program
  • Microstructural and Synthetic Studies of Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusions: Insights into Early Nebular Chemistry, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Program (D. Bolser)
  • Understanding Space Weathering of Asteroids and the Lunar Surface: Analysis of Experimental Analogs and Samples from the Haybabus and Apollo Missions, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Program (M. Thompson)


OSIRIS-REx Collaborator


NASA ADS Author search: Thomas J. Zega


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