PTYS 568


General Reading List (from 2017)

Exoplanet Detection Techniques (Fisher et al. 2013)
Radial Velocities (Lovis and Fisher)
Advances in exoplanet science from Kepler (Lissauer et al. 2014)
Exoplanet Properties (Howard et al. 2012)
Exoplanet Properties (Science, Howard et al. 2013)
Attaining Precise RVs .. (Butler et al. 1996)
Light Curve Modeling (Mandel & Agol 2002)
Microlensing Review (Gaudi 2012)
Planet Population Stats (Howard et al. 2012)
Pop Syn. (Ida and Lin et al. 2004)
Pop Syn. (Mordasini et al. 2009)
Simple solutions Irrad. case (Hubeny et al. 2003)
Simple solutions Irrad. case (Hansen et al. 2008)
Non-eq. chemistry (Hubeny et al. 2007)

Student Presentations
Dates: TBD

Topics and Lecture Slides
Intro + motivation
discovery techniques (RV)
discovery techniques (Transits)
discovery techniques (microlensing)
discovery techniques (direct imaging)
planet population
planet formation
planet interiors
planet atmospheres
radiative transfer
non-LTE radiative transfer
exoplanet characterization (modeling)
exoplanet evolution / interior structure (modeling)
host star characterization (stellar atmospheres)
exoplanet characterization (transits)
exoplanet characterization (secondary eclipses)
exoplanet characterization (direct imaging)

Materials for Project 1

Materials for Project 2

Materials for Project 3