PTYS/LPL Faculty

Name Title, Specialty
Daniel Apai Assistant Professor, Astrobiology, Exoplanetary systems, Planet formation
Vic Baker Regents' Professor, Planetary surfaces, Geomorphology
Gilda Ballester Senior Research Scientist
Travis Barman Associate Professor, Planetary formation and evolution
William Boynton Professor, Cosmochemistry, Geochemistry, Astrobiology
Robert Brown Professor, Planetary surface processes
Shane Byrne Associate Professor, Planetary sciences
Joe Giacalone Professor, Assistant Department Head, Solar and heliospheric physics, Astrophysics, Theoretical astrophysics
Richard Greenberg Professor, Planetary sciences, Theoretical astrophysics
Caitlin Griffith Professor, Planetary atmospheres
Christopher Hamilton Assistant Professor, Planetary surfaces, Volcanology
Walter Harris Associate Professor, Planetary atmospheres, Solar and heliospheric physics
Lon Hood Senior Research Scientist, Planetary & atmospheric physics, Theoretical astrophysics
William Hubbard Professor, Planetary atmospheres & interiors
Hiroshi Imanaka Assistant Research Scientist, Astrobiology, Planetary atmospheres
J.R. (Randy) Jokipii Regents' Professor, Theoretical astrophysics & space physics
Jozsef Kota Senior Research Scientist, Theoretical space physics & space weather, Theoretical astrophysics
Dante Lauretta Professor
Principal Investigator, OSIRIS-REx, Asteroids, Comets, Meteorites, Origin of the Solar System
Renu Malhotra Professor, Orbital dynamics, Theoretical astrophysics
Isamu Matsuyama Assistant Professor, Theoretical modeling, Planetary formation
Alfred McEwen Professor, Planetary geology
Bob McMillan Associate Research Scientist, Asteroid surveys, Spacewatch, Planetary astronomy
Ilaria Pascucci Assistant Professor, Planetary formation and evolution
Jon Pelletier Professor, Geosciences, Geography and regional development, Planetary sciences
George Rieke Regents' Professor, IR astronomy
Tamara Rogers Assistant Professor, Solar physics, Magnetohydrodynamics of stellar and planetary interiors
Joellen Russell Associate Professor, Geosciences, Planetary sciences
Adam Showman Professor, Dynamics and evolution of planetary atmospheres
Timothy Swindle Director, Department Head, Cosmochemistry
Roger Yelle Professor, Planetary atmospheres
Tom Zega Assistant Professor, Cosmochemistry, Planetary materials, Laboratory-based astrophysics